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    о_Судаке. We plan to visit once again next year the Pike perch

    Have left 7/1/2005 at 7.00 from station Amicable in Minsk on a route Minsk – Feodosiya – Koktebel – the Pike perch. The bus a Mercedes, is hammered completely: result of association of our travel agency with several nekonkurentno capable firmachkami which could not complete group. A part of fellow travellers took in Bobruisk.

    On the Belarus border there was a long turn. A heat awful, in the bus it is intolerable. At the Ukrainian customs stood about 3 hours since accompanying, the tourist bus standing up for by us, has whispered pograntsam that all of us in the bus men of means and us it is possible to shake, in a result, in thirst of a profit, customs officers demanded the declaration on all that is possible.

    In front of Kiev have stopped in cafe "¦шЁрц". It is very tasty feed.

    Kiev has considerably got prettier in comparison with last year, it is probable because of preparation for the last competition "‡тЁютшфхэшх-2005".

    In Feodosiya habitation from 3 c.u. from the person a day, but it is possible to bargain. Offering habitation assert that in Koktebel and the Pike perch all is more expensive in 2-3 times. It is not necessary to give in on these arrangements. The habitation can be found everywhere under the same prices, with the same conditions as in Feodosiya. Minuses of Feodosiya that a beach near to the railway, is stuffy, boringly. Feodosiya – a port, industrial city, instead of a resort.

    In Koktebel the prices for habitation from 2,5-3 u.e and indefinitely i.e. who how many is ready to lay out for rest.

    The way to the Pike perch lies on a mountain streamer. When went there was a small rain, tops of mountains have been shrouded by a fog.

    In the Pike perch were for the first time. At once it has seemed sad, dusty, grey. Cloudy weather has increased bad sensations from acquaintance to this city. At once we will tell that further, we have changed the opinion and the Pike perch on opposite.

    At once the man has approached to the bus and has offered habitation on 4 u.e from the person a day. Have dumped to 3,5. Have gone to look habitation. Has shown two rooms, one small in which 2 beds and a bedside table hold only. On a wall two hangers on everyone on 3 hooks, over beds on a rug. The view from the window leaves on a stone wall. But we have decided that have arrived not a view from the window to admire and not to live here and to receive visitors, therefore have agreed on this room for 3 c.u. from the person a day. Conveniences in the street. One shower is heated from the sun, in other hot water after 18.00. A toilet with a hole.

    After a dinner weather was adjusted. The first days had dinner in cafe "¤Ёю§ырфр". On the average the dinner for two managed 30 grivnas. By the way a course in bank in Feodosiya 1 доллар=5,1 grivna, and in the Pike perch of 4,9-4,95 grivnas.

    Here some prices in cafe "¤Ёю§ырфр" a borsch from 4 grivnas, soljanka 7 grivnas, salad from 3,5 grivnas, plov 9 grivnas, compotes 1,25, meat dishes from 13 grivnas.

    By the way in "¤Ёю§ырфх" in the evenings pass female fights in a dirt, New year is every other day celebrated, KVN commands "О¤" act; "Лхчфэ№щ уюЁюф" pass competitions on the best bathing suit, the car Zhigulis (nine) is played.

    Read on the Internet that in a dining room "-Ё№ьёъшх ърЁртрш" which is located in the street Lenin, further behind mail. The prices almost same as in "¤Ёю§ырфх" and the portion has less, a stuffed cabbage which has ordered was not pleasant, cabbage sheets were rigid and tasteless.

    In shops (type of department stores) the goods stand alternately. Passes between racks small, two persons are hardly kneaded. Near to the goods which already with price lists stand on regiments, there are heaps of boxes, blocks with the water, waiting for the turn.

    Near quay there passed tasting of Golitsinsky wines. For two bought bottles in podorok gave the handle ball, for 3 – a glass, for 4 – a small bottle of wine 0,375, for 5 – a corkscrew with a penknife. Later we have found out that if in a city, instead of an quay to buy this wine, on the money saved from the margin, just it is possible to get these gifts.

    According to the advice of owners at which lived, went to have dinner in cheburechnuju, located near to taxi parking on the area. Tatars owned this cafe, except hot chebureks they always had available two kinds of the soup, a little the second, various juice. Here the prices: a borsch 2 gr., soup with quenelles 2,5 gr., plov 5,5 gr., a potato with a cutlet and salad from cabbage with carrots 6 gr., lagman 6 gr., stuffed pepper 7 gr., a stuffed cabbage 6 gr., a goulash 6 gr., pelmeni 5 gr., chebureks 1,5 gr., juice 1,2 gr. Prepare it is tasty.

    In a city of the price is cheaper than on quay, the Central market located nearby to autostation is much cheaper, than the market on Cypress avenue.

    Beaches were all free, the truth on some the input was only for having a rest in sanatorium on the resort cards, some concerned children's camps. On a city beach a bottom inconvenient, large stones, on camp beaches a pleasant sand. Basically it is possible to get on any beach, on camp when there there are no children, on sanatorium, simply to find a convenient place where it is possible to get through a fence.


    The Genoa fortress it is possible to come to the main sight of the Pike perch without excursion and to pay simply for an input of 7 grivnas. And in a fortress it will simply be attached to any excursion group. On cash desk it is written that is necessary to pay for a photo- and a video shooting of 5 and 10 grivnas accordingly, but on mine, pay only lohi. We did not pay and photographed how many will get, and anybody to us has told nothing. There and so is for what to pay. For example, to be photographed in a knightly armour or medieval dresses costs from 10 grivnas for a suit.

    On mountain Alkach which is declared by state zakaznikom an input there are 5 grivnas, on if to bypass its metres 70 more to the left, and to climb up free of charge on a slope, on a track that can be received much more impressions. Beauty and kinds stunned.

    Went on cape Meganom, there are there places with extreme liftings and descents so it is necessary to climb up all mountains only in krossovkah. And so the kind from mountain is worthy of it, that despite fear to get somewhere above.

    Went by a minibus in a New World. Journey costs 2 grivnas. The road very extreme, passes over gorges, more abruptly any attraction will be. The input on local sight Golitsyn's track costs 7 grivnas, certainly it is possible to find and a free mountain track, but we here were for the first time and have decided to pass fairly.

    Have on the way joined excursion. We recommend to all to visit these delightful places. Golitsyn's track, Shalyapin's grotto, a through grotto, the Green, Dark blue or Predatory and Blue bay with the Imperial beach will leave unforgettable impressions. In a New World in firm shop have got champagne, and also on flood wine of 1 litre on 6 grivnas pink moist which perfectly freshens and satisfies thirst.

    Voyage in a New World is better for carrying out on a boat, than by the steam-ship "+Ёѕё=рыіэ№щ" as the boat approaches to the Most imperial beach, and the steam-ship gives the chance to bathe at a distance from a beach and as I float hardly to me it is more convenient at coast.

    Wine from hands is better be not to buying. Under the same prices it is possible to buy good wine in firm shops, the way of manufacture and quality of wine at street dealers leaves much to be desired.

    It is necessary to bargain everywhere in the markets, with taxi drivers, with sellers of souvenirs, with messengers on a beach.

    As a whole rest was pleasant, many places and mountains uninspected. We plan to visit once again next year the Pike perch.

    the Author: Tatyana, Minsk
    It is placed: 9 12 2005
    It is seen: 3585 times ()
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