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    о_Судаке. And again we go to Crimea. Paradox

    Had a rest with the husband (June - July 2004г.) in the Pike perch in the CURRENT "Рѕфръ" and the second year successively. The second year successively - because it was pleasant. A place remarkable. One Genoa fortress of that costs. The magnificent park, a belonging CURRENT "Рѕфръ" makes impression not only the remarkable vegetation, but also uhozhennostju, anywhere you will not see even the bull-calfe. Absolutely remarkable quay: purely, beautifully, easy. The pure sea - each pebble is visible. Fed not bad, the truth, slightly worse, than last year (though have paid more).

    Hot and cold water round the clock that agree, luxury for Crimea.

    Even phone in number is.

    But here, of course, service leaves much to be desired.

    I should tell about become painful. I to depth of soul am am revolted with the relation to having a rest.

    For what, forgive, such dislike? After all we do not do anything bad, we simply come to have a rest. Notice, we are not rude, we do not show off, we behave rather modestly.

    Example: after arrival into place, having filled all cards, and having paid for symbolical physical examination (on 5 grivnas from a nose), at last I approach to the manager. Except me more anybody is not present. Having read in documents that we from Moscow, and having drawn corresponding conclusions, it obviously hesitates and does not hasten to issue us. Other woman (it driving off) approaches, and asks a question on phone payment, the manager bystrenko is switched to it and starts to prosecute its subjects, and, the question has appeared uneasy and time for it is felt will leave much. The second manager approaches and both of them start to prosecute a subjects of this woman. I stand, I wait. I am silent. Inside slowly starts to begin to boil.

    One manager in general leaves.

    Afterwards the young pair approaches. The manager addresses besides to them (instead of to me!).

    What will desire, say? Whether they have arrived without the permit and wish to learn there are places and that after what. The manager starts to be engaged in them (still, after all they pay in cash). I stand. I am silent. Inside already boils, it will just about be pulled out outside. At last, the manager addresses to me, but is not present not with apologies at all, and with disappointment in a voice: "¦эх absolutely there is no time you чрэшьр=іё !". Then it is again switched to pair, then on the woman. And at that very moment, when I open a mouth and I am going to be indignant fairly, at last, she addresses to me. In time. Think, what thin knowledge of psychology! But numbers on a South side of the case free are not present (certainly, really could be differently!), remained only on northern, with a kind on road. A kind that is fine, and here noise from road does not allow to forget about native Moscow.

    And it is a lot of such examples, there will be no time and patience, that all here расcказывать.

    At me a question: why local residents take great pain to make so that we felt defective ugly creatures?

    Every year we with the husband say that for what we will not go more to Crimea, only abroad. And again we go to Crimea. Paradox.

    the Author: Irina, Moscow
    It is placed: 9 12 2005
    It is seen: 419 times ()
    A story Estimation: Good

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