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    о_Судаке. Moscow-pike perch-Moscow



    Helsinki on May, 12th, 2007.

    "-р°р tumbaj, lasha =ѕьсрщЕ" - Andrey Danilko's voice in the nazi pilotke (it Veerka Serdjuchka) reached from a hall. Many for some reason distinctly heard not lasha tumbaj, and rasha gudbaj (Russia Goodbye - good-bye Russia in a translation from English).


    - Russia has given to Ukraine 8 points. Russia has given 8 points to Ukraine, instead of Veerke Serdjuchke.

    Moscow June, 2006.

    Light checks e-mail. New letters are not present. I will write pair of lines to Anton on a theme you very much I love and I wait and it is necessary to gather.

    On a path conducting from street of Pavel Korchagina before the Riga journey on morning of such June, 2006 it was possible to notice three women: two with heavy bags and one with tolstennym a backpack behind shoulders: Verochka (so it named friends, despite age), Lina (Angelina) and Light.
    Women went to a platform Malenkovsky as soon as possible to sit down in an electric train to the underground Komsomol, to be in time on a train to … and from there Liinu and Light should take to the Pike perch. Verochka was seeing off.
    Behind a platform wood, to be exact the forest park of Sokolniki most dirtied by pieces of paper and packs from cigarettes park of Moscow after park of Culture lasted (the park name sounds with jeer, isn't that so?) . Light loved the green area, including it it is much better, than, for example, the underground Prague or vicinities of Southern river port not so is dusty, plus close from the centre in sense to all is close. And in the evening here was so cosy in shady semigloomy avenues. But there was one but: there there were few inhabited quarters: practically one establishments that towards the underground Alekseevsky that along street Kibalchicha that around Boris Galushkina's street, and in the fourth party the forest park in general lasted: few young men to get acquainted. Here to take at least the underground Babushkinsky: from the centre far, practically the suburb, but a heap of inhabited quarters: lives to many people in particular young men is with whom gets acquainted. Here, maybe, therefore at it and anybody for the serious: there are two, but Anton is not ready to marry, and the Pasha the workaholic appears off and on. She would live somewhere on Babushkinsky would be much more possibilities to get acquainted.

    On an input in the underground Komsomol ball a heap to the people: all with the bales, many bales reminded enormous blocks: the area of three stations, as in any way. Hardly having squeezed on the escalator through all this crowd and having reached downwards a Trinity has got on a train. On Kursk it is necessary to leave. Time before train departure still is.

    Station-pike perch. June, 2006

    - Angelina Vasilevna?
    - And you Julian?
    - pojdyomte, I will plant you in the car.

    The car rushed on mad speed, Lina even was frightened, having looked at a speedometer, Svetlanku amused it.

    The pike perch has appeared cosy, but a dusty city: it was necessary to wash all body and a head on twice a day. For the first days of stay in the Pike perch the city has been studied to the smallest details, where what shops, where what sights. Especially Light the Sudaksky fortress was remembered: the present antiquity. And as soon as such more the quantity to the people there found room? Business was in the evening and all has been fanned by any serovato-bluish twilight, it was very romantic, so is silent, so is quiet. Svetlana mentally talked to Anton: she very much loved it, and to it it was always pleasant with it easier so to talk. For a long time did not see because of its business trip.
    From a campaign in the Sudaksky fortress Svetki still had the photos one of which has been presented to Anton, and the second is hung out on a wall in its room.

    The first large excursion. The end of June, 2006.

    All excursions in the Pike perch began early in the morning, and many of them despite it came to an end late at night such there was also an excursion in the Botanical Garden and further through Alupku and Alushtu. It was terrible hot, and the excursion bus was unique rescue.
    The southern sun not that that in a midland and in northern widths. If in Moscow and Light Moscow suburbs as rescue from the hot sun carried opened topy and braided hair in a plait though in a usual life went only with the dismissed curls (Light used the best efforts that to it have paid attention that though one young man ready to serious relations has paid to it attention with that end in view it went in skirts (earlier in mini now to the knee middle) regularly straightened a hairdress and tried to put on elegantly (its beggarly salary and the help from outside how much allowed mother) and even tried is painted in the blonde and when has not helped, has passed to light-red hair (its present hair colour dark-chestnut reddish); that here the woman (probably, all the same for the present the girl) easy went with dismissed (if it was not too dusty in the street) and even covered with something from above to disappear from influence of southern beams.

    - Has poorly sunbathed, - Anton will tell to it.
    - The southern sun is harmful to easier me.
    - All. I have understood.

    topik at Svety will be too opened and it should throw with a jeans jacket, then it will remove it, but to it becomes so badly that she will dress her again (later will pass to the closed kind of summer jackets not to be dishonoured and anything in a heat from above not to cover).
    The botanical garden has appeared so-so. But further it was much more interesting: the guide is more tremendous told, but the most fascinating has begun when them transported on a rope-way through mountains. A tench it was possible to choose a foreshortening and magnificent photos made directly from a booth on which them transported Svetlana have turned out was afraid that will be terrible (it in panic was afraid of height) but it was not terrible.

    Then on heat all rose on a small hill, and then again on a rope-way back.

    In the evening all tired and exhausted have been brought not that in Alupku, not that in Alushtu not that to what other city, where to them have given time to eat before a trip "фюьющ" in the boarding houses.

    Pike perch of the same number.

    At last Light and Lina of the house. It is possible to be washed up, washed and lay down to sleep. Thank God, water hot is. Sometimes at night instead of hot water started up one cool and cold, but tempered Svetka could wash as itself and a head with cool water
    To watch TV there was already late, but on the TV in Russian only an advertising and concerts, therefore it cannot look not only visitors, but even a huge part of local population which do not speak on-ukrainski.

    Pike perch several days later.

    Lina and Light lay on a beach to them the woman from Kharkov has sat down, often coming to Crimea to have a rest.
    The woman: Here you know, why I never will go to Russia. Because Boris Nikolaevich has arranged with the Chechen Republic. Terribly. Suddenly that happens.
    Lina tried to explain to it something, but unsuccessfully.

    Pike perch that was further.

    Lina and Svetlana were in the Pike perch already more than two weeks: they had time to go on all kinds of excursions, including Bakhchisarai and the Planetarium. They had time to visit Koktebel (which in a Soviet period was called Planersky) to be afflicted that museums (in which they fortunately already were when three years had successively a rest in Planersky) have been closed and simply to walk on park and in the Silent bay on the way to which to they should extinguish the fire of local value to get acquainted with the attractive girl who travels across Crimea from a city to a city, and itself studies as the translator and with many other people.

    But have charged rains. It was necessary to remain in the Pike perch and to go on shop I buy souvenirs and Svetiny favourite spirits.

    And then it was necessary to go to Moscow. On the way on station they descended in Feodosiya in Ayvazovsky's museum (Light adored its pictures, but then it has slightly bothered it, the truth in a museum it was pleasant to the girl).

    Moscow. July, 2006.

    The train has approached to station. To meet there was all same Verochka.
    Svetka was so is glad to return to native Moscow which blinked to a pain native fires, knowing that for it wait, of it have become bored, to rush into the apartment …

    Moscow several days later.

    Anton: Greetings.
    Light: Greetings.
    Anton: What's up? How has gone?

    Anton embraces to Light and it so it is good. At last she has come back home.

    the Author: Sergeeva Svetlana Ni
    It is placed: 6 01 2007
    It is seen: 1 time ()
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