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    the Review of beaches and parks. A naturism

    Directly under the Sudaksky Genoa fortress there is the two-kilometre beach combined in a strip of a surf by grey small gravel, and above an excellent slate sand of dark grey colour which much faster and is more strongly calcinated on the sun, than the yellow shelly.

    Sand is very good to mould from it, to do sand baths, simply to luxuriate on it under solar beams. And here in water sand creates unpleasant dregs, here again, of course, gravel is better. Such the nature also has created sudaksky a beach.

    The Sudaksky bay - shallow, perfectly gets warm by the sun. It is protected from the east and the West by the most beautiful capes far leaving in the sea.

    Shtormit here is rare, and so-called "§юыюфэ№х =хёхэш " happen seldom, the cleanest water rising in such days from depths, quickly heats up.

    Directly over a beach the Quay with shops, entertainments, attractions is located.

    On east to edge beaches of children's bases of rest are located exclusively. Accordingly, here character of trade and entertainments especially children's. The part of these bases is in mountains, and kmorju children daily deliver buses. Their parking settles down near to a beach. Naturally, here can settle down and other vehicles.

    The Small well equipped beach settles down on the other hand Serf mountain at village Cosy (now it already a city part). From the well-known Maiden tower of the Genoa fortress it is perfectly possible to estimate cleanliness and a transparency of local water. From here the part of beaches on the West from a city is visible also. All of them gravijno-galechnye with a small impurity of sand, on capes – clumpy. At bottom of mountain the Blockhead on huge flat stones (nudists) settle down naturisty. In a silent bay at not completed centre of diving a beach big and convenient, further to a New World – again small pljazhiki and rocky haosy. On one of them the cult film of all "фшъш§" was shot; tourists "3+2".

    New World Beaches differ very quiet and pure water, soft grey sand in mixed up with gravel – Especially imperial beach and a beach of the biggest and mastered Green bay.

    Further on the West – set of small nudist bays among rocks of cape Sentry-both. Among them the most known and very entertaining rocky group Three Monks. Beaches at villages Cheerful and Sea simply huge, basically from large grey sand. Along the edges of the basic beaches nudists everywhere are arranged. Nudist beaches are not designated in any way, and in Sea they also are not especially separated from highway. On them dealers with fish, beer and indispensable pahlavoj continuously scurry about. However it like would suit all …

    On the east from the Sudaksky bay and cape Alchak the sea smaller and quiet. The extensive Kopselsky (Kapselsky) bay, the truth, is non-uniform on quality of beaches. All good beaches are already distributed behind bases of rest and campings. Between them at rocky capes of sand in a coastal zone practically is not present, and water set of plates from local slate breeds. Even in the quiet sea on them to go not especially pleasantly and very tiresomely to come to normal depth for swimming. But fans of a scuba diving very much love these places – water transparent, and plates very picturesquely acquire seaweed among which the set of fishes and crabs scurry about.

    On cape Meganom the set of bays and bays, however the majority of them are deprived some water and any beach equipment.

    The Beach of the Solar valley is a little known, but is very good. It from large grey sand with pleasant biases of a bottom, and at once above a beach – with a strip of shady trees. In a Soviet period for the camping device the convenient ring of the asphalted road has been cleared. Long time all it has been thrown, then mastered by the whole strip krymskotatarskih kafeshek. The boarding house in natural boundary Chalki, has apparently suffered from a landslip, beaches here clumpy and not especially pleasant, but on coast it is possible to pass in the well-known Fox bay.

    Investors so the situation will vary towards building large comfortable and enough expensive improving complexes have already paid attention To these places.

    Igor Rusanov

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    Safety and hygiene

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