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    Winemaking, vinolechenie, products and souvenirs from grapes

    In general, area one of the most interesting and various not only in Crimea, but perhaps and in the world, after all anywhere in such blizi do not settle down so unlike on the production, and the main thing on conditions for cultivation of grapes, a valley.

    State farm-factory "Рѕфръ" is an association component "¦рёёрэфЁр" and tastings in a local museum of winemaking, very elegantly and fervently issued on antique motives represent production "¦рёёрэЁ№" as a whole.

    State farm-factory "Рѕфръ": street Alushtinsky, 15. Phone: 21272, 21757

    From local wines it is offered comparative tasting dry and sweet wine from a remarkable Crimean grade of Kokur. All procedure carry out at once with two glasses.

    Kokur table high-quality (10-12%) and Kokur dessert Surozh (16%, sah. - 16%)

    Light-golden colour looks very elegant, but also zolotisto-amber is not worse. Sweet wine more densely also forms equal legs on glass walls.

    Bright high-quality aroma kokura (fresh sweet grapes with ajvovo-honey tones) in dry wine has freshness and ease of blossoming gardens. It is possible to guess both an apple-tree, and plum, and in general spring freshness. In dessert already it is more spirituoznosti, but the smell is more powerful and with tones ripe and even than a honey quince. In taste of dry wine easy juicy gorchinka, and in dessert dense sweet and easy burning. poslevkusie fresh grapes, and not from a refrigerator, and broken directly under solar heat.

    On my taste is better to drink these wines mixing. For a thirst satisfying – with bolshej a share dry, for energy – more dessert. In an ideal it is necessary also to eat fresh grapes of a grade of Kokur. Well and if will carry, juice from this grade absolutely shaking. In a Soviet period it let out in half-litre stekljanyh bottles "C ok grape high-quality -юъѕЁ". Even later 10 years present production in tetrapakah causes only disappointment.

    State farm-factory "¦юЁёъющ" Charles Marx's street, 35, the Pike perch, with. Sea 98033

    516 hectares of vineyards, from them 471 fructifying. Are irrigated from 12 reservoirs, including drop polivom. From grades dining rooms are in the lead: Asma, Moldova, Italy. In a refrigerator 800 tons of berries are put.

    Technical grades give in normal year of 1300 tons: Bastardo, Kaberne Sovinon, Saperavi. Pride of an economy - native grades of Kefesie, Kokur white, the Muscat white, the Muscat pink. It allows to make high-quality branded sweet wines, for example: “the Seventh sky of prince Golitsyn”, “the Black doctor”, Cahors wine "South careful", Madera Massandra. In total 20 marks of wines are made, and the economy is the most profitable in association "Massandra".

    Unique local mark is

    Cahors wine "Ah-serez"

    In the name (Ah - in a Greek way sacred, sacred; Serez - the moon, a lunar path) are already concluded romanticism of southern night over the sea and impracticable, but such delightful promises (that a sin to conceal) which the most ordinary subjects and the most usual people under lunar light suddenly start to radiate. So do not hurry up with tasting of this wine and wait full moons.

    It is developed from Kaberne Sovinon (for this grade characters morocco tone), Saperavi (dense sweet) and Bastardo Magarachsky (sweet and a fragrant bouquet with tones of prunes and chocolate), grown up only on local vineyards.

    Colour very dense from red to dark red with tone of an overripe cherry, transparent only for a flame of a candle or light of the full moon, with exciting ruby game. Legs dense also flow down very slowly. In general wine not for hasty and not for zapivanija meal. For a bouquet estimation stir up and povrashchajte a glass, spirit allocation will show soon very bright, developed bouquet, exotically southern with features of grades of grapes (morocco, prunes) and tones of refined expensive grades of coffee. Taste harmonious with easy tones of chocolate, coffee, prunes. poslevkusie long with absolutely easy tartness, soft oily taste of dense cream and heat wave - a fortress of 16% and sugar of 16%. It is considered that this cahors wine gives man's force and longevity. Well on the second question it is possible to check up not at once, and here on the first... Only do not forget about insidiousness of a moonlight.

    the Solar valley (on materials of an official site in the Internet):

    On the western slope of stately cape Meganom adjoining to the Kopselsky (Kapselsky) valley and in the Kozsky valley the state farm-factory earths “Solar Valley” (the Pike perch, - 35-330, 35-444) were stretched.

    On a planet there is no other corner where native Crimean grades of grapes, among them would remain in such abundance: What the Penalty, Dzhevat the Penalty, Kefesija, Cook Pandas, Sary Pandas and others. Thanks to a sun abundance, constant movement of air, its lowered humidity development of pathogenic microorganisms that provides reception of a healthy crop restrains. Soils with the rich maintenance of silicon promote reception of unique, curative wines of the Solar Valley.

    The First Russian industrial wine growing and winemaking in this place was based by princes Golitsyn and Gorchakov. They had been constructed in 1888 deep many-tier cellars where on the present necessary conditions for maturing and long-term endurance of wines are provided at constant temperature and humidity of air.

    The Pike perch and valleys adjoining to it at all times and centuries were the most ancient centre - the native land of domestic wine growing and winemaking. The grapevine - a symbol of force, beauty, wisdom and nobleness, and its blood brother - wine, is much more senior on age of bread. Subtleties of art of wine growing and winemaking store many people occupying southeast coast of Crimea in centuries.

    Still the ancient Greeks living on cape Meganom (the city of Afineon of IV century BC) enjoyed quality of local wines. In the Middle Ages the Solar Valley, ancient Kozija, was one of known areas of winemaking who drew further attention of Germans, Frenchmen - legislators of this branch.

    In 1802 Alexander I has instructed the Minister of Internal Affairs to count Kochubey on opening of the first school on winemaking and wine growing. To choose a place for its arrangement it was entrusted to the academician with the international name of Pallasu. So, in 1804 in natural boundary Achikljar the Sudaksky school where experts in wine growing, winemaking and bondarnomu to business prepared has been organised. For school the earths on 30 desjatin in Sudaksky and Kozsky (Solar) valleys have been taken away. State gardens in the Pike perch - 19 desjatin and Goats - 10 desjatin have been besides ranked also.

    And only after almost quarter of the century, in 1828, on southern coast the second school in natural boundary "¦рурЁрё" opens;.

    Since 1888 and for 1899 near villages Tokluk (Bogatovka), thanks to irrepressible, vigorous energy of the enthusiast of Russian winemaking and wine growing of prince L. S.Golitsyn, have been created unique wine vaults "+Ё§рфхЁхёёх" being the property of the son of last chancellor of Russia - And. M.Gorchakova.

    Ancient cellars on manufacture and endurance деcсертных and strong wines became a prototype of the subsequent factories based by L.S.Golitsyn in "Massandre" and “New light”.

    Now it is short about local wines .

    In Russian vinodelcheskom a lexicon a word "¦рфхЁр" for the first time has appeared in 1898 in Crimea. "¦рфхЁр -Ё№ьёър " - the wine born happy-go-lucky. Portugueses have sent flanks with wine from island Madiera to India. Long travel under the burning equatorial sun has caused unusual turbidity and "Ёрчырцхээюё=і" fault which because of it did not manage to be sold. Having returned back after "ёюыэхёэюую ъЁѕшчр" wine has got new character and has played a golden shade. In the Solar Valley "¦рфхЁр -Ё№ьёър " prepares from grades of Shabash with addition of high-quality European grades. Colour of ready wine very elegant - from jantarno-golden to is dark-amber. Taste - hot, burning with tone kalenogo a nutlet and a grain crust. About advantage and quality of a drink tell 3 gold medals. "...ьющ the cellar hospitable is glad to Madere чюыю=ющ..." - A.S.Pushkin responded about fault.

    Wine branded dessert red "ОхЁэ№щ -юъ=юЁ"

    - The rare mark of sweet wine prepares from unique grades of grapes: What the Penalty, Dzhevat the Penalty, Kefesija, a Crone, growing only in the Solar Valley.

    Wine has granatovo-red colour, and in a passing ray of light the glass plays the present ruby. The race of wine is original tones of prunes, chocolate and vanilla subtle shades. Taste velvety, terpkovatyj, soft and harmonious.

    The Right to manufacture of the given mark of wine has only factory "Рюыэхёэр  -юышэр". Wine is awarded 5 gold and one silver medal.

    "ОхЁэ№щ фюъ=юЁ"

    Endurance Term - 2 years.

    Standards: spirit - 16% about., sugar - 16 g/100 cubic see

    Wine branded strong red "ОхЁэ№щ ¤юыъютэшъ"

    - The wine mark is developed in 1995, the Penalty, What the Penalty, the Crone, by Kefesija, Bastardo, Saperavi is made of black grades of grapes of Dzhevat. The wine name occurs from a grade of grapes of Dzhevat the Penalty that in transfer from the Turkic means - "ОхЁэ№щ ¤юыъютэшъ".

    Colour: dense, sated, from is dark-garnet to is dark-ruby.

    The Bouquet: original, difficult with tones of prunes and chocolate.

    In taste of wine prunes, morocco, soft velvet, shelkovichnye tone and juicy terpkovatost is felt.

    Endurance Term - 3 years.

    Standards: spirit - of 17,5% about., sugar - 11,0 g/100 cubic see

    Wine branded dessert white "Рюыэхёэр  -юышэр"

    - The unique dessert mark of wine has been created by the Crimean wine makers in the fifties our century. Wine is named in a place of growth of a grapevine. The right to manufacture and release of the given mark of wine extends only on factory "Рюыэхёэр  -юышэр". Wine prepares from a mix of 20 white native grades: Sary, Pandas, Kokur white Solnechnodolinsky, Kapselsky white and others. Colour: from golden to is dark-golden. Wine distinguishes a difficult medovo-flower bouquet, harmonious, soft very rich taste.

    Endurance Term - 3 years.

    Standards: spirit - 16% about., sugar - 16 g/100 cubic see

    Has 6 gold and 5 silver medals.

    Wine branded strong white "Гюыю=р  fate +Ё§рфхЁхёёх"

    Endurance Term - 3 years.

    Standards: spirit of 17,5% about., sugar - 10 g/100 cubic see

    Colour: from light-golden to is dark-golden.

    The Bouquet: full, soft, harmonious, prjano-honey with easy tartness.

    High-quality structure: Kokur white, Rkatsiteli, the Mix white, native grades: the Cook-pandas, Sary-Pandas, Solnechnodolinsky and other white.

    From production of factory of sparkling wines "-ют№щ ётх=" (all 10 kinds of sparkling wines here are made) we will present not characteristic, in general, that is why already worthy

    Crimean semisweet red sustained Sparkling

    (In Europe known as Original Krymskoje rot - one of few wines of the former Soviet Union, it successfully was on sale and on sale in Germany and other countries, and therefore, unlike production of Kiev or Kharkov cannot be reputed false "Прьярэёъюую" in any way;. In Germany such wines have a category "sekt" and at us "шуЁшё=юх"). In comparison with the majority of marks domestic sparkling ("°рьярэёъш§") wines it costs in 2-3 times more expensively. By the way, "New World" production is decorated by a cup of Paris of 1997 that speaks about a recognition not only in Germany.

    It is made from grapes of Cabernet-sovinon which have been grown up on stony soils of Foothill Crimea. Poor soils and a sun abundance do crops poor, and the maintenance of sugar and ekstraktivnyh substances in berries unusually high.

    Saturation by carbonic acid is made in a bottle in the course of natural fermentation. Semisweet wine does addition of a special syrup on a basis konjachnogo spirit and muscat vinomaterialov. They vzimodejstvujut in a bottle within a year, giving rise to unique aroma which extends right after a sonorous clap of a natural stopper.

    Colour of wine cherry with ruby game. Foam in a glass disappears quickly, and game of small vials is long. By the way, counterfeit champagne and in general wine with compulsory forcing of carbonic gas gives large and short bubbles. But we will return to the present sparkling.

    In aroma lungs of tone of a rose, characteristic for the Crimean muscats, and sweet of a nutmeg are audible. In taste characteristic pokalyvanie carbonic acid vials it is replaced by typical taste of Cabernet with easy tartness and so-called morocco (a soft fragrant skin) tones, a soft taste of a ripe cherry.

    The Fortress of 11.5% makes itself felt much more strongly, than at similar dry wine. On heat with red sparkling it is necessary to be cautious. It is possible to accompany it a low-fat shish kebab, firm cheeses, smoked sausage (all with ketchup and greens).

    Well and for New year - it is simple tangerines. By the way, unlike habitual white champagne, red also warms.

    The Factory of sparkling wines "-ют№щ ётх=" is on street of the Lion of Golitsyn, 16, ph. +38 (06566) 32-866, a fax 33-381. Official representatives in Simferopol of bodies. / a fax +38(0652) 24-84-56, 24-84-57

    Igor Rusanov

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