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    Prince L. S.Golitsyn – the founder of Russian industrial winemaking

    Factory of sparkling wines "New World"

    Factory sparkling wines "-ют№щ Ртх=" it is based in 1878 by the prince of h.p. Golitsyn - the founder of the Russian industrial sparkling winemaking. Though sparkling wines as the well-known French province Champagne were made in Crimea long before Golitsyn, it was only imitation. And here he has not simply achieved quality (and stable), but also has received a gold medal on the World's fair in 1900 in Paris.

    Without being the professional wine maker, the prince has got down to business as the philosopher and the scientist, possessing to the full that only in the middle of 20 centuries has received the name of the system approach and equally well works in different branches.

    Having left preparation for a rank of the professor of the right of the Moscow university because of passionate love to the married woman – Nadezhde Zaharovne Zasetskoj, it has appeared in a New World belonging to her father, the general to prince Zahariju Herheulidzevu, the town governor of Kerch. Golitsyn has bought the lands at other successors of the prince т -ютюь Light т 1878 у. ш ёЁрчѕ has started to experiment ё °хё=і¦ ёю=э ьш ёюЁ=ют grapes. Golitsyn's experiences have allowed to define climatic zones for cultivation of optimum grades of grapes and manufacture of the most successful types of wines for many areas of Crimea, Ukraine, the North Caucasus taking into account their soils and other local features. But the most fashionable, most advantageous position was manufacture of champagne which by then already made not only in France, but also in Germany, Austria, Italy, and forged everywhere.

    In 1883 the prince marries countess Maria Orlovoj-Denisovoj and starts up its condition on New World expansion. It is known that this kind woman since the childhood had a poor health and the hump grew. She has died in 1909, and on a tomb its Golitsyn has ordered a sculpture of the angel which hand lies on a mane of a lion. Delhi Arslan – the Mad Lion so its neighbouring Tatars, and the Petersburg carriers simply the Wild barin named. Three conditions, the, the sozhitelnitsy and the wife it has spent to a drop in glory of the Russian winemaking. It is not necessary to say that on creation. The set of professionals, first of all Specific department was engaged in winemaking creation also. Any time, with 1891 for 1898 under Alexander's invitation III prince Golitsyn was operating wine growing and winemaking of the Office of Its Majesty, being engaged and Massandroj on JUBK, and Abrau Djurso on caucasus. One cannot say that its relations with professionals were smooth, having left service, it in a New World did all in own way.

    In 1890th years the lining of grandiose many-tier cellars begins, many of which are simply punched in a monolithic rock of mountains Koba and Sentry-both. And their difficult branching pursues the accurate aims – in the best way to correspond to endurance of red and white table wines, wines strong, dessert and sparkling. By 1903 their extent has made 3 versts. The local legend says that till now is not found shtolnja with the most valuable wines! These picturesque mountains (now zakaznik a New World where remains relic groves of a treelike juniper and sudakskoj pines) by order of Golitsyn are connected to their heap of rocks and unique vegetation by a walking track. Fancifully coiling and opening fantastic kinds on beauty, it passes over three bays: Dark blue, Green and Blue. He has opened and in the best way equipped two wonderful grottoes: One in the basis Koba as vinohranilishche and a concert platform – it is called as Golitsyn's grotto, and another Through, in the cape Kapchik basis, as if huge stone dragon escaping in the sea. In this fantastic stone hall passed a banquet in honour of the 25 anniversary of its work in winemaking.

    Galleries for manufacture of high-quality wines яю =Ёрфшчшюээюьѕ to a sparkling method adjoined to the sea and all its bulk provided (and their total length over 1 km provides now) in them stable temperature from 8 to 12.5 about With. - Ёхчѕыі=р=х laborious work have been selected 5 ёюЁ=ют grapes which could become the best basis for such wines: ъЁрёэ№х Ч Pino Fran ш ¦ѕЁтхфЁ ш схы№х Ч Shardone, Aligote ш ршёышэу. These grades фю ёш§ a time are used by the Crimean wine makers for manufacturing of white sparkling wines.

    Already the first parties of the champagne which has been let out by Golitsyn (since 1882, after manufacture studying in Champagne) under marks "New World" ш У¤рЁрфшчФ, have received loud international popularity. - 1896 у. New secular champagne moved тю тЁхь  coronation celebrations т ¦юёътх ш чрёыѕцхээю has received mark "Coronation". - 1900 у. т ¤рЁшцх эр -ёхьшЁэющ to an exhibition golitsynskoe champagne has received “Gran At”. However т 1905 у. Having filled cellars with champagne, the prince has stopped manufacture. Financial problems overcome it, and in 1912 he decides to rescue the child by transfer of its most valuable part to possession to emperor Nikolay II. After all not only the scientific experiences which inherently are not providing profits, especially fast, Golitsyn has finished the manor to bankruptcy. It distributed the wines or sold for nothing, and huge money spent for purchase of rare wines from all globe, and also works of art and the rare samples of technics connected with winemaking. For example, in 1900 in Paris he buys a figurine of Bahusa for 40 thousand francs. On many wines in its collection hundreds roubles left.

    The Light building in style of the medieval castle, topped with four towers, Golitsyn for employees of winery has constructed h.p. He with a family lived in the separate house (the house has remained), and one of buildings (near to "чрьъюь") occupied Golitsyn's museum, now the Museum of history of factory of sparkling wines, unfortunately from unique meeting of values of Golitsyn has not remained anything, and the most part of its meeting of wines is stored in Massandre. But the museum provides guidance on persons of the prince and the main thing his life business – champagne manufacture.

    In total at modern factory the New World is made 10 kinds of sparkling wines. We will present opinion on observer of the best Russian Internet edition some of them “Wine club” Vladimir Tsapelika:

    У7 ¶хтЁры  2001 у. т сшыі Ёфэюь club "Island Crimea" (Sovincenter эр -Ёрёэющ Presne, Moscow) has taken place tasting of sparkling Crimean wines. Tasting Alexey Romanovich Akchurin (the director of the Sevastopol winery), enamoured т шуЁшё=№х spent wines ш тюё=юЁцхээю poeticizing them.

    a New World  Ч white, brjut, 11,5%.

    Grapes Grades: Aligote, Kaberne Sovinon, Risling Rhine.

    -№фхЁцър Ч 3 уюфр (collection ё ъюЁъютющ a stopper).

    Нтх= Ч light-straw (almost colourless), very small long эх чр=ш§р¦Ёшх vials.

    +Ёюьр= Ч thin, flower tone ё яЁхюсырфрэшхь colours of sunflower ш тшэюуЁрфр.

    -ъѕё Ч has reminded me German sparkling wines (Zekt), vigorous ё юётхцр¦Ёхщ acid, pinches from time to time language.

    a New World Anniversary  Ч white, dry, 11,5%.

    Endurance 3 уюфр. Most close яю ётюшь to standards ъ °рьярэёъюьѕ, issued by the prince the Lion Golitsyn under mark "Coronation".

    Нтх= Ч straw, small vials.

    +Ёюьр= Ч ё =юэрьш small colours ё рыіяшщёъш§ meadows.

    -ъѕё Ч coped, soft, harmonious, also has reminded me German sparkling wines (Sekt), sugar practically эх ёѕтё=тѕх=ё , vigorous ё яюЁшя№трэшхь language.

    a New World  Ч red, semisweet, 11,5%.

    Grapes Grades: Cabernet of Sovinon.

    -№фхЁцър Ч 1 уюф. A classical sparkling method.

    Нтх= Ч the ruby.

    +Ёюьр= Ч Cabernet grapes ё ярёыхэют№ьш tones.

    -ъѕё Ч unique, harmonious, velvety.

    - фхърсЁх 2000 уюфр т ¦юёътх tasting of the Moldavian sparkling wines made эр чртюфх by Krikova яю ъырёёшёхёъющ of technology was spent. The Moldavian wines possess fuller, heavy ш эрё№Ёхээ№ь taste ш рЁюьр=юь. White Crimean wines differ ease ё яЁш =э№ьш flower tones, vivacity ш цштюё=і¦, close яю ърёхё=тѕ ъ ыѕё°шь to German sparkling wines. ”

    Factory of sparkling wines " New light " is on street of the Lion of Golitsyn, 16, ph. +38 (06566) 32-866, a fax 33-381. Official representatives in Simferopol of bodies. / a fax +38(0652) 24-84-56, 24-84-57

    to Reserve permits directly in health resorts it is possible on a site
    " rest in Crimea without яюёЁхфэшъют".

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