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    Grapes, wine and health. Ampeloterapija and enoterapija

    p> “Ministry of Health warns” …, and the people become an inveterate drunkard. It does not concern a theme of wine tourism. In the countries traditional vinodelcheskoj cultures and an alcoholism, and level of cardiovascular diseases, and problems of obesity stand not so sharply, as in the USA and countries of Northern Europe. The statistics of the CIS countries hardly will tell to you, moreover, as so is evident.

    I wish to devote This small section to other dangers – a fashion on treatment by grapes and wine. Some books which I have read, in detail enough and in details stated recipes, and also contra-indications and possible undesirable consequences from what it is possible to draw such conclusions:

    •  various grades of grapes have considerable differences as a part of microcells, biologically active substances and make on the person absolutely different action, for example diuretic, warming, krovetvornoe, strengthening walls of blood vessels, radioprotektornoe.

    •  the healthy person can especially not reflect on these properties and choose grades of grapes and types of wines exclusively to the taste, observing only moderation.

    •  the person waiting from grapes or wine for healing, should address to experts, but before consult to the attending physician.

    Crimea has already tested on an extent more than hundred years of a technique of treatment by grapes of various grades. The remarkable city doctor of Yalta Dmitriev, at a whole-hearted support of coryphaeuses of domestic medicine and physiology – Botkin, Setchenov, Mechnikova was the initiator of it. These techniques are picked up very carefully for diseases of respiratory ways, cardiovascular system, joints, for strengthening of forces after failures and wounds. Grapes doses can sometimes be very big – to several kgs. Immature grapes, juice and special preparations can be applied.

    To put it briefly, treatment by grapes – ampeloterapija, it not area of guesses and charlatanism and not a field of experiments for self-treatment. Leading Crimean sanatoria apply ampeloterapiju in a complex with climatic and balneal methods for a long time and successfully.

    In the majority of health resorts by a dinner and a supper give natural dry wines, but there are also special programs enoterapii, treatments by wine. In this case wines not simply steal up from usual commercial assortment. The tradition to prepare special medical wines ascends to Avitsenne. And once again I will underline, what even Vermouths and balms as the most mass infusions of grasses on fault or spirit, even for the healthy person demands discretion and moderation.

    In many health resorts of Crimea the whole complex of medical wines which are calculated on long enough system action is developed. Different programs of reception of medical wines are directed to the decision of problems of man's energies or female health and freshness, strengthening of digestive system. Well and it is final, they eliminate stresses, consequences of radiating influence and a bad condition of the ecological environment. The structure of these medical wines keeps in strict secret. They are called only under numbers.

    The Big improving complex is under construction in to the Solar Valley where besides a magnificent natural beach, blue cosmetic clay and modern means of improvement, the serious medical base will be created also.

    Igor Rusanov

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