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    health resorts of the PIKE PERCH
  • Sanatorium ' Flight '
  • Sanatorium ' the Falcon '
  • Sanatorium MO of Ukraine
  • Sanatorium of the Air Forces
  • Boarding house ' Diamond '
  • Boarding house ' Star '
  • ' Lvov '
  • Boarding house ' a New World '
  • Boarding house ' Zenith '
  • Base of rest ' Rising '
  • Base of rest ' Ikar '
  • Base of rest ' a New World '
  • the DALE ' the Olympian '
  • the Nursery b/o ' Brave '
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    Bank services, money, souvenirs

    In the Pike perch branches of many Ukrainian banks work, they work in a usual mode, with breaks and days off. In large health resorts and at office buildings the cash dispenses working round the clock are established. In post offices and in branches of banks give out remittances on all popular systems of urgent wire transfers.

    Exchange rates of currencies in July and August can be with very big marzhoj, exceeding courses in the centre of Simferopol of points on 10. During other time the difference is not especially essential.

    Wines, products from a grapevine and very numerous hand-made articles from a mountain juniper can be Usual and pertinent souvenirs for the Pike perch. They odorous (without any varnish and aromatizatorov), pleasant and practical. Rakes from a juniper are convenient for bossing on kitchen - as with salads, and overturning meat, vegetables or farinaceous dishes on a frying pan. Well and beads or costume jewellery from a juniper and other noble breeds of a local tree possess real bioenergy. From frequent manipulations in hands they become shining and smooth, and their aroma does not disappear in due course, and only includes your own tone.

    Igor Rusanov

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    Communication, communications
    Councils to autotourists
    the Card of the Pike perch

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