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    health resorts of the PIKE PERCH
  • Sanatorium ' Flight '
  • Sanatorium ' the Falcon '
  • Sanatorium MO of Ukraine
  • Sanatorium of the Air Forces
  • Boarding house ' Diamond '
  • Boarding house ' Star '
  • ' Lvov '
  • Boarding house ' a New World '
  • Boarding house ' Zenith '
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  • Base of rest ' Ikar '
  • Base of rest ' a New World '
  • the DALE ' the Olympian '
  • the Nursery b/o ' Brave '
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    Sanatorium (the medical rehabilitation centre) ' the Falcon '

    Sanatorium (the medical rehabilitation centre) ` the Falcon `, the Pike perch, Crimea

    Medical rehabilitation centre "Falcon" - a health resort of sanatorium treatment on 205 beds.

    Indications for treatment: chronic nonspecific diseases of respiratory organs with accompanying fuktsionalnymi frustration of cardiovascular and nervous system.

    The Center has modern medical base with the qualified medical staff. Offices: physiotherapeutic, LFK, reflexotherapies, stomatologic, functional diagnostics, bathing branch.

    The Health resort is located on seacoast in a non-polluting zone juzhnoberezhja. The picturesque landscape, an immediate vicinity with state botanical zakaznikom "New World" and romantic ruins of the Genoa fortress give to rest in "Falcon" unique colour. Medieval monuments of history are available in the territory of a health resort.

    Sanatorium (the medical rehabilitation centre) ` the Falcon `, the Pike perch, Crimea Park MRTS "Falcon" occupies more than 3 hectares and is park-monument of landscape gardening art.

    Considerably and positively distinguish "Falcon" from other health resorts of region - an optimum parity of quantity rekreantov and a park part of territory of a health resort; comfort of placing (75% of all numbers have all conveniences, 20% of numbers - a separate input, almost in all numbers - refrigerators and TVs). Under the preliminary arrangement visitors take places in numbers of cases or in separate cottages in park. In territory round-the-clock protection, cottages - under the automatic security alarm system.

    A Food 4 single in one change under the seven-day custom-made menu. Duration of rest - 20 days.

    A rest Infrastructure: own beach with a sun deck, an aerarium and klimato-pavilion on 50 places, a sauna, billiards, a bar on 40 seats, protected parking place, boat station with hire veselnyh and motor boats, a children's room with the tutor.

    the Address: 98000, AR Crimea, the Pike perch, street Seaside, 21

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    Specialized sanatorium-dispensary ' Flight '
    Sanatorium of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
    the Center of sanatorium treatment of Military-air forces of Ukraine

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