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    Boarding house ' a New World '

    Boarding house ` a New World `, the Pike perch, Crimea

    The Settlement a New World is in a southeast part of Crimea (in 7 km from the Pike perch and in 120 km from Simferopol).

    12 floor building of modern construction of boarding house "New World" is located in fine mozhzhevelovoj to a grove, on the bank of the Green bay.


    • 2-seater numbers (the area of 17 m 2) with all conveniences (the combined bathroom: a toilet, a washstand, a shower), a refrigerator, a loggia; TV - in a hall on each floor. Furniture: two king size beds, the built in cases, bedside tables, chairs, a mirror, a sconce, a rug. At windows - portieres, a tulle. On walls - wall-paper, on a floor - a parquet or linoleum.
    • 2-3-местный a wooden small house with a verandah: a bathroom - sevmeshennyj (a toilet, a washstand). A shower - in territory.
    • 2-roomed 2-seater number "lux".

    a Food: 3-single in a dining room (service by waiters).

    Water supply: cold water - under the drawing (3 times a day), hot - daily in per capita pavilion near to the case.

    the Infrastructure: a medical office, long-distance phone, paid parking place. On quay shops, trading booths, bars, restaurants, a disco, dance floors, a drugstore, currency exchange point, ekskursbjuro.

    the Beach: in 250 m from boarding house, small-galechnyj, equipped (locker rooms, hire of boats, catamarans, water motorcycles, diving, sea excursions, sea attractions: a water gun and a hill, a water ski).

    the Address: AR Crimea, Sudaksky area, settlement a New World, street Sudaksky, 7.

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