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  • Sanatorium ' Flight '
  • Sanatorium ' the Falcon '
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  • Base of rest ' a New World '
  • the DALE ' the Olympian '
  • the Nursery b/o ' Brave '
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    Children's base of rest ' Brave '

    Children's base of rest ' Brave '

    The Base of rest "Brave" is located in mountain wood of picturesque natural boundary of Cuba-Kola, on slopes of the Crimean mountain ridge. It is the world of mysterious gorges, green oak groves and mountain tops. This indescribable variety of a landscape: from unique files of the Crimean pine and the mixed wood to multi-coloured steppes and adust semi-desert.

    In base territory are available: a football ground, volleyball and basketball platforms, swimming pool, a sauna. Various competitions are held, the sports-dramatized representations are arranged.

    For Children wait: video salon, a disco, a children's bar, fascinating excursion programs "Edge of dark blue mountains" (unique istoriko-architectural monument XIV-XV centuries the Genoa fortress, charming bays and New World rocks - a heavenly spot on the earth, nis than not a comparable Imperial beach) and daily bathings in Black sea. children's base of rest ' Brave '

    The Center of diving (scuba diving) of base of rest "Brave" is located in a city the Pike perch, in picturesque sudakskoj to a bay. Under the direction of skilled instructors (certificate CMAS) children are trained in swimming under water with an aqualung irrespective of their age and ability to float or dive.

    The diving Program - unique possibility to glance in a kingdom of the Neptune and to get acquainted with surprising beauty of the underwater world of Black sea.

    In change 338 having a rest. From them in the case with conveniences on a floor of 95 persons, in the case with all conveniences of 27 persons and 216 persons in cases with conveniences at the case.

    the Address: 98000, Ukraine, AR Crimea, the Pike perch, base of rest "Brave"

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