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    the Pike perch

    Very original corner of Crimea in surprisingly spacious both various on silhouettes and paints to a mountain bowl.

    Besides beaches, small quay, pleasant and moderately sated with entertainments, the city is good only parks of large health resorts. The city as though also is not present – there are some the uninteresting quarters of the Soviet building divided by the big waste grounds. The transport system is not so clear and left very unfinished, therefore are expensive mercilessly pyljat in dry weather and are dirty enough in the wet. In general, - "ърЁышъ on shoulders ушурэ=р". It is difficult to believe that throughout thousand years at least the Pike perch was one of big cities of Europe and played the major role in world trade.

    Now, all that in the Pike perch really interestingly also pleases an eye, - is connected with tourism and summer holiday. From year to year waste grounds "чр= уштр¦=ё " magnificent private hotels and boarding houses, trading numbers all become brighter and more civilised. In general, the city tries to please visitors.


    the Genoa fortress. very big, unusually romantic and in a good condition. In the Consular lock in the top part of a fortress it is possible to see a small exposition, but in general to listen to the guide because the modern Pike perch absolutely reminds nothing one of the main medieval centres of world trade is better. And after all it really was a golden mean of the Great Silk way, the biggest northern colony of the Italian merchant republic of Genoa.

    Natives of Italy owned the Pike perch about two hundred years. Genoeses have glorified the Crimean mark for the whole world: apples sinap, pears armud, prunes Raisin-erik, grapes of Asma, and the most important thing - wine by which till now do in fertile valleys round the Pike perch - What the Penalty ("ОхЁэ№щ -юъ=юЁ") and Sary Pandas (now this wine "Рюыэхёэр  фюышэр").

    In 1475 a fortress took storm the landing which has landed from a Turkish squadron. Holes from powerful guns gape till now within the precincts of a fortress. On its most top there is a well-known Maiden tower, whence a certain princess has rushed to abyss, without wishing whether a captivity, whether the groom wrong. To execute in its honour "-юээр bellja ьрЁх" will be very opportunely as however and to think of treasured desire, having adhered a bright ribbon for the lack of a sacred baobab on a metal triangulable tower. Think of a ribbon in advance!

    In general as regards specific points to local tops is not present equal, and valleys create closed panoramas improbably convenient for cinema-men without any hints on a civilisation, or is exclusive with a medieval landscape. From films which here removed it is possible to name: "-юыічр +ыіьрэчюЁр" "рѕёі шчэрёрыіэр " "КЁш plus фтр".

    Wide valleys and gentle slopes of mountains cover plantations efiromaslichnyh cultures: roses, a sage and others, gardens and, more everything, vineyards. On entrance to a city state farm-factory "Рѕфръ" associations "¦рёёрэфЁр" has a magnificent tasting room in antique motives and small a wine Museum .

    In the city the Quay is interesting by the cafes and small restaurants. It is very popular also new the Sudaksky aquapark.

    In city vicinities are interesting a forest park on to mountain Perchem (to the northwest from a city). The mountain name means on krymskotatarski "ёѕсёшъ". In general among sudakskih mountains two are allocated with the entertaining form more – the Tank-tash (the Frog – on a steep slope of mountain, really, inexplicably hangs a rock reminding a frog) and Tarak-tash (Comb). If will return to a forest park on a grief Perchem and in general stories lesoposadok before revolution Zilberu in these parts the initiative of their creation belongs to the main forest warden of Feodosiya (the Pike perch entered into Feodosijsky district). In the end of 19 centuries it has undertaken not only scale works on restoration of woods in mountains, but also in river valleys. Its works were based on historical evidences and good understanding of that began to be called as ecology much later. From the Genoa documents it was clear that in a city supply by water as municipal economy, and neighbouring fields has perfectly been put. In the Sudaksky valley grew up then rice, flax and a clap – cultures very exacting to water. The technology of arrangement of mountain springs traditional for Crimea, interception of streams and water savings at genoeses has been added by huge constructions for gathering of a condensate from sea breezes. In different places of a valley on a way of constant damp and warm winds pyramids have been built from a local flat stone. Stones kept within with such corner that dew, or is more exact a condensate from a warm wind at hit in a shade, flew down in a pyramid. In its basis the big concrete tanks have been arranged. Did them of the best cement in the world (such marks now carry the name portland) – on the basis of crushing karadagskogo a line, strong greenish breed. Genoeses gave to water and water distribution systems so great value that the second consul of the Pike perch was engaged in these questions. The first consul prosecuted subjects of trading duties and fortress defences. By times of Zilbera, in 19 century from water modular pyramids there were only heaps of stones. And its experiences made only short-term success as it has made too big tank on opolznevom a slope. It has cracked soon after filling by water. However success of such technology has been proved. Unfortunately now the Pike perch cannot boast of good water and the especially well put water supply. Only successful tourist complexes and private boarding houses separately (and it is pathos) inform the lodgers on independent system of supply by cold and hot water.

    From the east the Sudaksky beach covers cape Alchak (its name on krymskotatarski means low, stocky) with the well-known Aeolian harp, an aperture in a rock through which sings a wind. At cape bottom it is possible to pass further on the east in an extensive bay of Kopsel, on cape slopes the set of footpaths from which unique kinds on the Sudaksky bay and New World capes open is laid. Naturally, most tremendous photos can be made through the Aeolian harp aperture. It as though vspuchennye calcareous breeds conceal in themselves traces of ancient sea hedgehogs, corals, freakish textures of seaweed and other traces of the former sea life suddenly interrupted with grandiose accident.

    Igor Rusanov

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