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    Village Cheerful, village Sea, the Choban-sack and village Zelenogore

    S Cheerful is highly enough from the sea and it is torn off from a beach zone over which children's camps and small boarding houses are constructed some. Those to whom bathing on a huge sandy beach bothers, direct on a coastal track on the east to New World bays. This walk demands the good footwear, some experience, the big care and a thorough stock of film-making accessories as each turn of a track opens tremendous kinds! Over the track beginning tower ruins of antique strengthening – something like a modern block post, anyway with the same functions: to see all and very beforehand and to have simple possibility nobody to pass. Some researchers are inclined to see in these ruins the rests of an Ancient Greek colony of Afineon, others only small strengthening for the garrison sent from Bospora Kimmerijsky.

    S Sea it was stretched in the bottom part of a spacious mountain valley of small river Shelen. And the beach zone Sea is simply huge and includes from tens kilometres of beaches on the east and on the West, including the bottom part of a picturesque valley of small river the Raven. In upper courses of this valley there are the pretty ancient mountain settlements popular in tourists-peshehodnikov (and now and those who on mountains goes by jeeps, horses or bicycles) – the Raven and Entre Rios (Ah-serez). Therefore Sea among the fans has a reputation for a place very not dull – with various beaches and rich possibilities for walks and active tourism.

    Villages along the edges are built in a Soviet period large modern boarding houses "Zeniths", "Miner", "Diamond" and “the Solar stone”. They adjoin to spacious tent small towns for autotourists. Transport: by buses — from Simferopol through Belogorsk and Strawberry, from Feodosiya and the Pike perch; boats — from the Pike perch and Alushty.

    Beaches in ustjah river valleys spacious from sandy deposits and small gravel, sometimes with a pebble impurity. On capes – rocky haosy with transparent water for diving.

    Resort treatment has here an old story. In 1910 here there was a country colony into which entered Leonid Andreev, Feodor Shalyapin.

    In the east Sea limits cape Ah-foka (Kabany) with ruins of an ancient monastery. In a modern history Sea it is interesting to that here in 1981 Victor Tsoy with acquaintances on Peter musicians of other groups have decided to base group "Cinema", was more exact in the beginning it is the project “Garin and Hyperboloids”.

    On June, 21st - Tsoy's birthday and the beginning already of a resort season in Sea.

    In village there is a small museum, the Recreation centre with creative collectives. Autostation, a wide choice of cafe and the shops, two markets. The orthodox church and a mosque operate.

    Border between the earths of big Alushty (with. Privetnoe) and Sudaksky area though it is conditional, but it is expressive enough. The mountain dominates over beaches to the west of Sea the Choban-sack that the Shepherd's tower means. Ruins of a round tower very effectively look against the sea and steep breakage to it. Assume that here in XV century was the lock of the Genoa feudal lords brothers di Guasko known for the ferocity and unrestrained cruelty. The rests are found out in tower bottom more than 20 medieval potter's furnaces.

    From mountain the Choban-sack on the north the road on leaves with. Zelenogore , located in 8 km above on the river of Arpat. To the north of this village is picturesque natural boundary Panagija with the cascade of small falls. Through small lake steel cables so it is possible to be forwarded on an armchair are tense or to jump in lake with "tarzanki". The attention is involved also with rich country houses of judges of local mountain beauty and a soft climate. Parking place paid. At it local trade and cafe settles down. There is a hire of horses, and local equestrians are rather talented and show a tremendous break-dans directly on saddles of the favourites. The village and lake from different directions surround the most beautiful mountains. One of them – with three tops - is called Muedzin. Mountains basically from conglomerates - the same breed, as the well-known Valley of Ghosts so on a fantastic variety of figures of aeration these places will not concede also to elephants of Demerdzhi are combined. Very much zanjatna here and the form of abrupt ravines on slopes. In general, do not forget to take a photo- and videocameras and devote to a trip to mountains at least all the day.

    Water from cascades Arpata is considered curative (from fungi on a body, allergic reactions and other skin problems), but to the middle of July sources dry up. And by August already and the lake is strong meleet so with tarzanki it is impossible to jump, but the height over a water level sharply increases. In neighbouring woods by August spejut remarkable fruits chairov – fragrant wood apples, pears, a cornel, a filbert and other. Local "counter" - kizilovoe wine, not especially strong, but beautiful and fragrant.

    Igor Rusanov

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